I’m back!

22 Jan

HOLY BOSS O’ THE HOT SAUCE BATMAN! That was a busy year!! Sorry I haven’t blogged  since last February… I’ve been studying full time towards a Masters of Speech Pathology. I’m half way through. I’m loving it, but it has been more than hectic. Needless to say my kitchen hasn’t had the same workout it usually gets. I did manage to find time most weeks to bake for my classmates and also perfected the loaf. Quite a coup! This year saw lots of eggs on toast (thanks to my beautiful chookies), beans on toast, scratch and duck under the table (excuse the silly Australianism).

Anyhow, I’m back and have a few old favourites to blog about, a couple of chilli bushes and some seasonal stone fruits to put to use, as well as a year’s worth of pent up culinary creativity to release. An ‘invention test’ with mates is pencilled into the diary also. Should be fun. I can’t promise anything more than a short, sharp burst of enthusiasm until uni cranks up again, but hopefully you’ll settle for quality, not quantity!

First cab off the rank is an excellently versatile enchilada sauce and my favourite way to use it. Strangely, not for enchiladas. Stay tuned…


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